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If you’re thinking of joining a startup then chances are that you don’t want a “job” as such. For you, it’s more about wanting to be part of something inspiring, something that will change the world. And how good would it be if you could join the next Atlassian or Canva (two Australian Unicorns) and be a part of their amazing growth journey working with entrepreneurial, innovative fun people in a low hierarchy, creative environment?

Maybe you’re thinking that you could become rich when the business floats on the stock exchange or is purchased by another company like the “Paypal Mafia” or the Aconex founders if you have vested equity in the business?”

 Remember one person’s dream is another person’s nightmare!

Do you really know what you’re in for?

Working in a startup is not for the faint-hearted because…to read more of this article click here.

This article was written by Luke Henningsen and he is Co-Founder of the growing startup community at Ucities which is being developed to help provide a dedicated space for founders and startup people to network and support each other. He also leads a business called Scale & Swing, which delivers executive search to startups looking for senior talent at a startup-friendly price-point. Feel free to reach out to Luke on LinkedIn or at Scale & Swing or join the growing community at Ucities.