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Executive Search

We recruit leaders for startups (CEO’s, CTO’s, COO’s, CMO’s..you get the idea).  Our approach is to work on an exclusive, retained basis because we know this leads to the best, most committed and successful outcomes.

By keeping overheads in check, focusing on our sector, using the right tech and providing our services in a way that suits our customers, we can deliver this service at a surprisingly cost effective and startup friendly rate.  Reach out if you would like to know more.


Hiring Sprints

You’ve raised a funding round and it’s time to scale up and hire – building out your engineering team or sales team and quickly.  We’ve done this before and can help you too.

We will dedicate one or more experienced recruiters to deliver your recruitment project and customize scope, approach and resources to suit. You receive all the benefits of a professional, dedicated and experienced “internal” recruitment team using the best tools right when you need it most. Once the work is done, we move on.  


Because of what we do, we know people.  Lot’s of them. And this means we can help in many different and unique ways.

Leveraging our networks for our clients is the thing we enjoy doing the most.  In fact, it’s a key ingredient in our “secret sauce” and the best thing is that this doesn’t cost our clients anything.