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Your product matters, your employees matter, your funding matters but “who you know” can potentially transform your business. Some people enjoy networking and others don’t. However, regardless of which group you fall into, everyone agrees that, if you can get the right people together, great things can happen.

If you’re a startup founder who hasn’t prioritized networking in the past, then this could well be the one thing that makes a huge difference to your success.

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This article was written by Luke Henningsen and he is Co-Founder of the growing startup community at Ucities which is being developed to help provide a dedicated space for founders and startup people to network and support each other. He also leads a business called Scale & Swing, which delivers executive search to startups looking for senior talent at a startup-friendly price-point. Feel free to reach out to Luke on LinkedIn or at Scale & Swing or join the growing community at Ucities.