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People leave managers, they don’t leave companies.   If you feel this is true, your hunch is supported by a study completed by Gallup across 2.5 million manager-led teams around the world, where they measured the engagement of 27 million employees.  Incredibly, this study reported, “that one in two employees have left their job to get away from their manager at some point in their career.”

For an early-stage startup, employees could be leaving because of the founder and maybe the founder isn’t great at managing people. When you have turnover of staff that you are sorry to see leave, this is called “regrettable turnover”. To keep these staff, it might be helpful to look at the way you are managing them. Are you a “great boss”?

I’ve had a think about the people I have worked for over the years. Some were outstanding, great bosses, others had some downfalls but overall were pretty good and I’ve definitely witnessed at least two examples of what not to do!

I’ve also interviewed literally thousands of people where we discussed the push factors that may have lead to their disengagement.  If there was a push factor at play then it often related to their direct manager in some way.

Here are my top 5 characteristics that are…to read more of this article click here.

This article was written by Luke Henningsen and he is Co-Founder of the growing startup community at Ucities which is being developed to help provide a dedicated space for founders and startup people to network and support each other. He also leads a business called Scale & Swing, which delivers executive search to startups looking for senior talent at a startup-friendly price-point. Feel free to reach out to Luke on LinkedIn or at Scale & Swing or join the growing community at Ucities.