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In this series of articles our Org Psych, Virginia Henningsen, takes you through real-life (anonymised of course) examples of personalities you are likely to encounter when recruiting for your startup/scaleup and the tips and approaches you can apply to bring out their best. Yes, there are also pitfalls to look out for and some people you might want to avoid at all costs!

Welcome to the last of our series on some of the characters and personalities you are likely to hire into your startup as it grows.  We have been really fortunate to have real (anonymised) personality profiles and scenarios to share with you and the feedback we have received from both startup founders and also people who relate to the personality profiles presented has confirmed they have found it really useful and validating. 

Today we are looking at the ‘remote worker’.

Your startup is growing!  You are expanding geographically and the time has come to literally put some people on the ground in those new markets.  Managing anyone remotely requires a slightly differently approach compared to managing someone you see day in day out.  Often a new hire in a new location (outside of headquarters) could be a revenue generator, lead finder or pure sales person.  They could be someone like Lisa.

Over to Virginia our Startup Psych…

We assessed Lisa for a new role based remotely, working on her own, but in a collaborative workspace for a startup focused on building out a delivery platform…to read more of this article click here.

You can find Virginia on Scale & SwingUcities or on LinkedIn.  Our startup and scaleup clients really value her insights. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of articles. If you’ve missed any of them you can find them in the blog section at Ucities.