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PART 2.  In this series of articles our Org Psych, Virginia Henningsen, takes you through real-life (anonymised of course) examples of personalities you are likely to encounter when recruiting for your startup/scaleup and the tips and approaches you can apply to bring out their best. Yes, there are also pitfalls to look out for and some people you might want to avoid at all costs!

So your new Head of Engineering ticks all the boxes but then they start, and you can’t quite get a handle on them, you can’t work them out, everything you do seems to be getting them offside and performance is slipping. What’s going on? Maybe they’re like Jake… 

Jake was recently appointed to the Head of Engineering role for a rapidly scaling Australian startup leading a sizeable onshore and offshore tech team. Jake’s technical experience and qualifications are exactly what this business needed and he had led globally disparate teams and delivered well in past roles.  As part of the selection process, Jake had completed a psych assessment.

Over to Virginia…

I assessed Jake and here is my ‘take on Jake’:

Jake’s assessment shows that he can be expected to provide a strong yet low key leadership style, slowly and carefully building relationships through demonstrating his own technical and expert skills, leading by example, setting high standards and ensuring compliance.  He will provide good clarity and goals to his team, and not…to read more of this article click here.

You can find Virginia on Scale & SwingUcities or on LinkedIn. She’s like our very own Wendy Rhoades from the hit tv show Billions. Well, at least in terms of her role in helping Founders get the best out of their startup’s most important asset – their people. She’s actually nothing like the character!