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In this series of articles our Org Psych, Virginia Henningsen, takes you through real-life (anonymised of course) examples of personalities you are likely to encounter when recruiting for your startup/scaleup and the tips and approaches you can apply to bring out their best. Yes, there are also pitfalls to look out for and some people you might want to avoid at all costs!

Over to Virginia…

Just hired someone who you know has potential? They are not the 100% perfect fit for the role, but maybe they will be, with time? No one’s perfect – even our high performers need the right management to enable them to succeed, but what is the ‘right’ management?

Maybe you’ve hired or are thinking of hiring someone like James?

Find below my suggestions for James, he was assessed by me as an aspiring senior level manager with a strong learning orientation, well developed interpersonal and leadership skills, and the ability to consult, collaborate and listen to others and seek advice. James is highly motivated, achievement-oriented, persistent and driven with a good level of self-awareness and insight.  So what does he need to succeed?

Firstly he needs…to read more of this article click here.

You can find Virginia on Scale & SwingUcities or on LinkedIn. She’s like our very own Wendy Rhoades from the hit tv show Billions. Well, at least in terms of her role in helping Founders get the best out of their startup’s most important asset – their people. She’s actually nothing like the character!