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We appreciate the challenges of building a startup. As a Founder, you have the need to constantly weigh up the costs and benefits of where you focus your time and money to ensure resources are allocated in a way that keeps you moving forward and keeps you on track to achieving your vision.

Sure you have a crucial need to hire great people – you know that the right person on your leadership team will be a game-changer but you just don’t have the time to scour the market to find them, your advertisements just aren’t cutting through, you’re not big enough yet to justify having your own internal recruitment team and external recruiters are too expensive and seem to have no clue when it comes to startups.

“Why?” really is the big question, for most things.

For us the answer seems so obvious that we wonder why others don’t see it as clearly. 

We do this because we are energized by working with entrepreneurs and Founders who are devoting their lives to building things that will change the world. We are excited by their passion and their energy and we want to be part of their success.  It’s challenging, rewarding and fun.

We also know a lot of people who are seeking real meaning for their work – they don’t just want a “job”, they want to make a difference.  It feels great to find these opportunities for our candidates.

All the best stories and movies prove the power of the right person in the right role at the right time (your favourite has probably come to mind right now). So, by now, it might seem kind of obvious, but this is what we do and also why we do it.

Delivering Value – it’s our secret sauce


While finding and attracting excellent, culture-suitable talent for our startup clients is pretty good in it’s own right, we aim to deliver more value than just recruitment.  We provide access to our eco-system networks and make introductions to support our customers whenever we can – be that a startup client looking to raise a funding round, secure it’s first set of “MVP friendly” customers or begin to build an Advisory Board of amazing, been-there-done-that advisors; or helping a candidate think about the risk/reward and culture/beliefs balance when deciding to join a particular startup.

The way we look at it, our networks are a living, breathing, growing thing that provide for us and it’s important for us to contribute and tend to them.  It seems counterintuitive, but we have also found that the more we give away the more things come back to us.  This is our “secret sauce”, shh!

Scale & Swing -we live in Startup land

Hiring Sprints

You’ve raised a funding round and it’s time to scale up and hire quickly.

 Executive Search

Scale & Swing is a recruitment firm purpose-built to serve the startup sector.


Our startup clients often need Advisory Board members – experienced, seasoned entrepreneurs or industry heavy-hitters interested in assisting one or more startups on their growth journey.

Luke Henningsen

Luke Henningsen


Luke helps to build successful businesses through Executive Search, Advice and Investment with a focus on startup recruitment and emerging/disruptive technology. As a bridge between startup and enterprise he has been privileged to work with some of the most exciting businesses in the world – those disrupting established industries and those navigating digital change. 

Before founding Scale & Swing, Luke’s career in executive search spanned more than two decades during which he co-founded, built and successfully exited/sold his interest in a high profile Executive Search firm (SHK Asia Pacific); ran a $90m recruitment business for A/NZ as EGM of an ASX listed human capital organization (Chandler Macleod Ltd) and led internal recruitment for KPMG. His startup sector experience is extensive – having led the Executive Search Practice for the MitchelLake Group in Melbourne as well as being founding Managing Director for Derwent Digital prior to establishing the startup specialist recruitment firm Scale & Swing. 

Luke is an enthusiastic participant in the Australian startup community –taking an active personal interest as an Angel Investor and Advisor to startups and early stage businesses particularly around Talent, building a Board, scale up and market entry as well as acting as a Mentor within the MAP (Melbourne Accelerator Program) run by the University of Melbourne.

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